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Questions? Answers!

ryobi Answers is free community Q&A.

We are a community of people helping each other with problems. Come hang out with us — you'll find a friendly, helpful bunch of people who care and want to help find solutions.

We know stuff.

We would love to help you with your questions. You can ask anything you like, as long as it's about this site. When crafting your question, we suggest making it as detailed and specific as possible. The better you describe your problem and the more research you do before you ask, the better the answer you're likely to receive.


When you answer a question:

  • You help someone.
  • You help our community's knowledge grow.
  • You share your knowledge with people all over the world.


We don't run Answers. You do. The community has complete control over the content on Answers. Answers is collaboratively managed by people just like you.

Community members ask questions, answer questions, select the best solutions, and prune out unnecessary commentary. With your help, we can start solving some of the world's problems.

Never stop learning.

All information here is collaboratively edited. If you ask an interesting question or write a useful answer, other people may come along and categorize it with tags or edit the text. That's OK! In fact, we encourage making posts better over time.

Our goal is to build a database of solutions to problems that is useful for years to come. (If you'd prefer not to let others edit your text, we recommend asking your question elsewhere.)