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Cut a piece of 1½" foam 19"×12". Tightly roll up the foam from the short end, insert it into the fabric sleeve, and let it unroll. About 5" of the sleeve (22" – 12" = 10"/2 = 5") will overhang each end. The 2 ends of the foam should butt together inside and be “circularizing” the sleeve.

On one end, poke the surplus fabric over the foam and into the center hole. Cut the wood dowel and drill both ends as shown. Attach one 4¼" disk to the end of the dowel with a 2½" lag bolt and washer.

Press the dowel-disk assembly, dowel first, into one end of the cylinder. Gather the material as you press, and space the folds neatly around the inside circle. Stop pressing when the outside face of the disk is about 1½" from the end.

From the other end, stuff at least 4oz of Holofil or other stuffing between the dowel and the inside wall of the cylinder. Hold the other disk to keep it from being pushed out the end. Try to fill all voids, keeping the dowel in the center. The more stuffing you can push in, the more comfortable your headrest will be.

Fold the surplus material over the foam at the other end.