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If you’re of a different build, you should make a few trial cuts and reassemblies, taking longer and longer cuts until you arrive at the right balance.

You must not exceed the 5½" rocker dimension for safety and stability! After each pair of cuts, reassemble the chair — with cushions, headrest, and arms — and try it. You’ll get pretty good at loosening and tightening lag bolts. (Use a 7/16" hex driver in your drill to speed things up.)

All is not lost if you cut too much off; you can always take a little off the front legs of the Vs to make them longer.

Once you get the tipping point right, you can finally make the bottom cutouts in the sides. This will cause the chair to be slightly more stable in the forward position, which may turn out to be a good thing.

Draw the cutouts (on the C side, remember?) of both chair sides, using the 15oz can as a radius guide. For strength, it’s important to keep the bottom of the cutouts at least 2¾" from the bottom edge of the chair. Carefully make the cutouts with a jigsaw.