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Suspend your plywood on a few supports. Scraps of 4×4 wood or even paint cans (if they’re the same height) make good supports. Position them, obviously, out of the projected path of the saw blade.

Cut 1 chair side and 1 stool side. Start by jigsawing out the cutout under the arm. Drill a 3/8" starting hole from the C side — inside of, and close to (but not on), the layout line. Use a scrap of wood on the exit side of the hole to prevent splintering. Then insert the jigsaw blade into this hole and cut as usual.

Both chair configurations begin with cutting out the sides as shown on the layout drawing. They can be used as-is for the basic chair. If you’ve decided to build the Rok-Bak, we’ll cut the V-shaped bottom edges and bottom cutouts later.

It’s a good idea to use a circular saw on the straight cuts, for speed, accuracy, and to minimize sanding. Notice that the gap between plywood pieces on the layout is at least 1/8". Thus one cut serves 2 pieces.

You can minimize jigsaw splintering by using a splinter guard that snaps into the saw’s footplate. Also, use new blades designed specifically to cut plywood, and if your jigsaw has multiple modes, set it to straight up-and-down rather than orbit mode. The cutting will go slower, but you'll get far fewer splinters.