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After cutting one each of the chair and stool sides, sand all the edges smooth. Use a sanding drum accessory in your drill if you have one; it will ensure nice, accurate, rounded corners that blend smoothly into the straight edges.

Now trace around the finished sides onto the plywood sheet, as shown in the layout drawing and photos. Once more: you must lay out mirror images so that the good side of the plywood will face out on the finished chair. Cut out the remaining sides.

Lay the chair sides face to face with the bad surfaces out, and drill the three ¼" holes for attaching the sides to the cross braces. To minimize splintering, place scraps of wood under the side where the bit will exit. Repeat this process for the mounting holes in the stool sides.

Cut the chair’s seat and back 22" wide to accommodate standard-sized patio chair cushions. For narrower cushions, adjust the widths accordingly. Add 3 countersunk holes to the back, following the layout.

Cut out the footstool top and the headrest support, backstop, and disks.