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If you’re making just the basic chair configuration, you can survive without a footstool. But for extra comfort, especially with the Rok-Bak, you’ll need one.

Cut the parts and assemble the sides and cross brace D. You can make the top as 1 piece or piece it together from cutout material. Assemble the top and the 2×2 runners.

You can throw a pillow on the stool and help it stay in position with velcro, but covered padding looks more professional. Either way, the pillow or covering fabric should match your chair’s cushions (if they’re striped, you might choose a solid that’s one of the stripe colors).

If you’re padding, cut 1½"-thick foam to match the top exactly. A band saw or electric knife works well. Cut the fabric about 4" oversize on all sides, pull it reasonably tight (the foam should compress slightly), and staple it in place. Miter the corners. Use a minimum of staples at first, then add more as necessary to keep the fabric evenly taut, the foam reasonably compressed, and the corners neat. Trim as shown.