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First you need to make sure your warps aren’t crossed. The best way to do this is to weave one of your cardboard lengths through the warps by picking up every other warp. Then pick up the remaining warps with the second piece of cardboard.

It’s clear when the warps aren't lining up correctly and you need to re-pick some warps so they’re in the proper order. If a warp crosses, it’s much easier to fix now than later.

Place a 20" dowel rod into the lower pair of screw hooks and tape it in place. This is your bottom heddle bar. Using your cardboard as a guide, slip the leftover 16" dowel into one set of alternating warps. This is your shed or pick-up stick. Scoot it so it’s directly below the bottom heddle bar.

Tie the end of your yarn to the bottom heddle bar and start looping the warps to the bar. Bring the yarn under the warp, over the bar, and back under the bar, through the loop you just created, and down to catch the next warp. Continue until you have picked up all the warps, and tie the end of the yarn to the heddle bar.

Repeat for the second, top heddle bar and the other set of alternating warps. Now you’re ready to start weaving!