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Put on a fresh pair of rubber gloves, then mix the grout as directed on the package. The grout should be on the thick side — a nonpourable consistency. Be certain to thoroughly stir in the water. Scrape down the sides of the bucket; there should be no dry grout in the mix.

Drop a good amount of the mixed grout onto your tabletop (and its fresh mosaic). Using a trowel, cover the surface, and fill in all spaces with the grout. The edges will need some shaping, so use your fingers and hands to press the grout around the edges, and to sculpt the top and sides. Massage the grout in well.

Let the grout dry for a short time, again referencing the product’s directions. In about 10–30 minutes it should be set well enough to begin removing the excess. Scrape away any grout that will come off with the trowel. Then use a wet sponge to very carefully clean up the tesserae. If you moisten the grout too much, you’ll remove it from where it has set in between the pieces. The best technique is to dab it gently with the sponge. After most of the excess grout is removed, there might still be thin smears of grout on the pieces. Use a paper towel to clean them up even more.

It can be tricky to get the table clean while the grout is wet. Just remove as much as you possibly can, and once the mosaic has dried, you can gently scrape the rest away.