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Once the grout has dried (generally after another 24 hours) the table can have its last cleanup. Brush or scrape away any grout left on the surface of the tesserae. If you plan on using the table outside, seal it with a tile and grout sealant. Otherwise, your hard work is done, and you’ve got wonderful, lasting art!

Some very complicated patterns do not lend themselves to being placed spontaneously. If you’re interested in making a design and want to lay out the tesserae first, consider using the indirect method. Draw a pattern on butcher paper, and then use craft glue to stick the tiles in place, facedown on the paper. Once the tiles have been glued in place, carefully lift the paper and invert it onto a surface that has been prepped and covered with tile adhesive. Remove the paper from the front of the tiles by wetting it with water to dissolve the craft glue.