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To lay out the leg tenons, start by marking the shoulders. Measure in 2½" in from each end and strike a line around all 4 sides. For the cheek line, measure ½" to either side of center and strike a line all the way around the end. Transfer these lines to the ends of all 4 legs (remember to orient each leg’s 2 tenons 90° to each other).

The layout for the stretchers is the same, only you should be 3¼" in from the ends, and these tenons are aligned with each other.

To cut the tenons, I like to use a saw called a ryoba nokogiri (“double-edged saw”). The ryoba is a Japanese generaluse carpentry saw with two sets of teeth: big teeth for ripping (cutting with the grain), and small teeth for crosscutting (across the grain). Unlike most western saws, which cut on the push stroke, Japanese saws cut on the pull stroke.